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So… for my next trick… I will be turning my head into a rainbow. What sparked it? Russia banning gay everything: including the guests and athletes at the Olympics. Fuck you Russian politics, ima have a rainbow head. I may not be making a real statement since I live in the USA, but damn it… Russia was still the reason I want to do it.

I’ll be enlisting the help of my lovely friend Faerie Avalon to do the dying. No way I can handle this on my own and not a chance in hell I’m going to pay through the nose for a hairdresser to do it.

I guess I should get some bangs, too. I think it will look way better that way.

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  2. runningintosunsets said: Russia banned gay athletes? How is that even possible? Do those people just have to pretend they aren’t gay to get to go? Or are they just not allowed at Olympic tryouts here in the US since they’re banned? Wow. Wow.
  3. lellaprincesspants said: This is an awesome idea!!!!
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  5. faerieavalon said: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! IT’s gonna be sweeeeeeet!!!!
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