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Dear “encouraging” body “positive” posts.

You’re not body positive, you’re just as hateful to the skinny girls as the cliques are to the fat girls. So stop it.

Don’t tell me how my clavicle should look. Maybe mine is more prominent than yours no matter what my weight. Maybe I carry fat in the back of my arms but my hip bones are the first thing to stick out when I lose weight.

Don’t tell me what MY healthy is.

Don’t let ANYONE who isn’t an actual professional tell you what your healthy is. Ever. Besides, you don’t need some post, that’s circulated umpteen times across your dash, to convince you that you have worth. That your body has worth. That you could possibly be desirable. How dare they assume you’re not!

Don’t pretend for an instant that anyone else sees in the mirror the same thing you see. You see every flaw, just like they see in themselves. Reconcile that first. 

The balancing act is absurd, but we all do it. But our bodies are our own and we can mold them into what we want them to be.

So you don’t want to benchpress a bear. So what? Who the fuck am I to judge your desire to be slender and dainty? Just because what you want - doesn’t fall in line with what I want - doesn’t give me some high and mighty right to deem you wrong.

Know yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself well. Do what’s best for you. YOU. You you you you you.

Jump up and down. Scream ME!!! Me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!

Do it. Right now. Because that’s what it’s all about. Right now, in this moment, you are you. And you should know who that you is. Sit down and have a glass of tea/coffee/water/wine with yourself and say hello.

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