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I’ve seen a lot of posts recently with people noting their favorite Disney Princess. The one they revere the most or maybe the one they connect with most.

Mine isn’t very typical or traditional. The Sprite from the Firebird Suite is my favorite Disney Princess.

She puts so much care and thought into her given work. Joy even. She is exuberant and embodies life, hard work and attention to detail.
She is forced to watch the destruction of all her hard work while fleeing for her own life, unable to protect the life she just created.
She crumbles, but pulls herself together to build again, and with just as much joy for the outcome as the first time she did it.

Everything about her is what I want to strive for in life. We may not always get to choose where we are or what’s expected of us, but we should give it everything we have, every time, no matter the prior failures. And to do it with attention and joy and with love of life.

She is the perfect princess. 

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