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A letter to a craving

Dear craving,

I know we have had words in the past, and I’m sorry it had to come down to this. I left you and you need to learn to deal with it.  Showing up at 10:00 at night is completely inappropriate. I appreciate that this time you were considerate enough to let me know what I am craving (as opposed to the night I left you when you only told me that I was craving something.”) This does not change the fact that I am not letting you back into my life. You do not control what I eat, I do. And even though those Pretzel Crisps sound really good right now, they will have to wait until an appropriate time of day for me to eat them. And they will be eaten, make no mistake, but not because you told me to. So, be gone, you pesky fly… and hand me my water.

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